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Police Citizens Advisory Board

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Term of Office: Three years; 3-term limit (9 years total); one-year layoff
Meeting Schedule: Bi-monthly, 2nd Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.
Responsible Staff Member: Christi Korth, Interim Police Chief Lloyd Powell

Position Board Member Representation Term Expiration
1 Brian Ross Home Owners Assn. 2025
2 Pastor Matt Sweeny Faith Community 2024
3 Neal Pieper LGBTQ+ Community 2026
4 Phyllis McMahon Senior Citizen Community 2025
5 Whitney Hooks Banking Industry 2024
6 Bridgit Williams Minority 2026
7 VACANT Minority/Faith Community  
8 Alpesh Patel Hoteliers  2024
9 J. Weldon Clampitte Senior Citizen Community 2024
10 Adrea Liner Education 2025
11 David Romo Youth (18-25) 2026
12 Jesse Vela Small Business Community 2024
13 Courtney Mason Education 2025
14 Holly Johnson County Justice 2024
15 VACANT Minority   

Terms expire December 31 of the member's designated term expiration.

The Brenham Police Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) was created to act as a community resource for the Police Chief in the formation of strategies, development of community policing concepts and programs, to serve as an advisory body on certain police matters, fostering and enhancing public transparency and trust, and increasing public awareness. The CAB is not a review board of specific police actions, whether internal or external, but simply a forum for potential discussions concerning community challenges and concerns, and in leveraging the experience of persons outside of policing to benefit and improve police/community relations.

The primary focus of the CAB is to provide a forum with key stakeholders regarding law enforcement appearance, the police mission relevant to interaction with the public, community policing, and enhancing communications within the community. It is comprised of a wide cross-section of community members representative of Brenham. The imagination of all members drives the board and reflects holistic views that serve as catalysts for the integration of community viewpoints into police department planning, operations, and strategies. The membership of the board consists of citizens from throughout the community who represent a range of interests and experiences.

Agendas, Packets, Minutes


04/09/24   Agenda   Packet    
02/13/24   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  

12/12/23   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
10/10/23   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
08/08/23   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
06/13/23   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
04/11/23   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
02/14/23 Regular Meeting   Agenda   Packet    

08/09/22   Agenda   Packet    
06/14/22   Agenda   Packet    
04/26/22   Agenda   Packet    
02/08/22   Agenda   Packet    

10/05/20   Agenda