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Lost & Found Pet Tips

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Lost Pets

Losing your pet is stressful - for both you and your pet. Please visit your local animal shelter to look for your missing dog/cat. If your dog/cat is licensed or microchipped, we will attempt to contact you and reunite you with your pet. It is vitally important any phone numbers connected to your pet's license or microchip are on file and up to date.

Other things you can do to find your pet:

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Found Pets

If you found a lost pet, you should try to find the owner before bringing it to a shelter. Owned animals do not do well in shelter environments and have a better chance of finding their family if you follow these few simple steps. 

  • Get the animal scanned for a microchip at a local shelter or vet clinic
  • Post flyers in the neighborhood where the animal was found
  • Post on Nextdoor
  • Post on Brenham Lost and Found Pets Washington County Missing Pets
  • Ask persons in the neighborhood where the animal was found if they know where this pet belongs
  • Place an ad in your local paper
  • Be sure to ask for proof of ownership like pictures, vet records, registration papers, etc.
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Community Kitten Facts: 

Happen to hear some faint meows in your nearby bushes? Think you might have come upon a discovery of an abandoned kitten or litter of kittens? Well more often than not mama cat is not too far away and has not actually discarded her babies. Here are some suggestions on what your next step should be:

Do not disturb the kittens

It is best to first observe from a distance for a few hours to determine if mom is returning to her nest. The mother cat may be out searching for food, taking a break, or even hiding from you. The kittens have a better chance of survival with their mom. It is best not to continue to check on them more than once a day as not to disturb the nest.

Friendly mom returns

If possible, bring the mom and the kittens indoors isolated from your household pets. Provide a nice area for them with a bed, clean litter box, fresh water, and cat food. Kittens can be weaned when they begin eating solid foods at approximately 4-6 weeks old; offer them wet food mixed with water at 4 weeks. When the kittens are fully weaned from mom, the mom should be spayed, and then either adopted out or returned outside. The kittens should be fixed and adopted out around 8-10 weeks of age. Handle the kittens frequently after 5 weeks old to help with socialization. Consult a veterinarian immediately if the kittens or mom show any signs of illness, injury, or distress.

Feral mom returns, do not fear

Leave the family outside. The mother will likely move the kittens, do not worry. If she knows this is a safe place with a stable food source, she’ll return with them. If you cannot foster and socialize the kittens, leave the kittens outside! Don’t socialize a kitten that you cannot place; they will learn survival skills from their mother that will give them their best chance at outdoor survival as a feral cat.

It’s been a few hours, no mom in sight

The kittens appear to be abandoned, what can you do to help?

Once you remove the babies, you must keep them at an appropriate body temperature. Using a box with clean, soft towels, and warming bottles make a nest and place the kittens in the box. Keep them away from drafts and out of humidity. They need a room that stays close to 90 degrees for the first two weeks of age, then the temperature can be lowered to 80 degrees. Unweaned kittens need round-the-clock care and monitoring. If you cannot care for them, please contact your local shelter for advice/assistance.