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Rehoming Your Pet

Located at: 1804 Longwood Drive, Brenham, TX 77833 | Phone: 979-337-7351 | Hours

Can't Keep Your Pet?

We understand that personal circumstances change or that some pets might not be the right fit for your family. We’re here to help. However, the shelter environment is stressful for even the most social pet, so we ask that you explore all other rehoming and pet support options prior to booking a surrender appointment to bring your pet to BPAC. 

Rehoming Resources:

Be sure to ask for a small rehoming fee, vet references, personal references and/or a meet & greet before rehoming your animal(s). 

I Want to Keep My Pet But I Need Help:

We understand that families can fall on difficult times and if it is a matter of animal supplies, we can definitely help! Contact the shelter for more information on our pet pantry.

Low-Cost Veterinary Services:  Animal Friends of Washington County

This curated database is provided by Human Animal Support Services and its partners to keep people and pets together.

Pet Support: Human Animal Support Services