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Fire Marshal


The Brenham Fire Marshal's office is staffed by experienced Fire Investigators and Fire Inspectors under the direction of the Fire Chief and Fire Marshal. The Brenham Fire Marshal's office is in charge of protecting the lives of our citizens and critical infrastructure of our city through prevention, education, and enforcement of the laws and regulations adopted by our governing body.

The Brenham Fire Marshal's office handles a range of activities including:

  • Commercial plan review on new construction, building renovations and remodels.
  • Annual fire safety inspections at local businesses and schools
  • Fire prevention and education programs
  • Investigation of fires and arson
  • Public education and fire extinguisher training

Commercial Plan Reviews
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Commercial plan reviews are performed on all new construction plan reviews, building renovations and remodels. By doing this it helps by locating potential issues during the planning stage, and problems can be corrected before construction begins.

The Brenham's Fire Marshal office will conduct routine inspections throughout each construction project to verify that the work is up to code and by the plans that are submitted.

Fire Safety Inspections
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Each year, the Brenham Fire Marshal's office conducts hundreds of fire inspections in all types of businesses and construction projects throughout the city. Any violations that are found are brought to the attention of the business owner or construction project manager and a plan is then discussed to correct the violations. These inspections help ensure that properties are maintained and businesses are safe for employees and visitors.

Brenham's Bucket Brigade
Fire Fighting Clowns sitting inside a firetruck
The Brenham Fire Department is very proud of our talented fire prevention team that is known as Brenham's Bucket Brigade. The Brenham's Bucket Brigade presents an annual fire safety message to over 2,300 schoolchildren annually. The fire prevention team uses educational characterization which uses clowns, puppetry, characters, music, and activity to teach and reinforce the safety messages taught. The goal of the fire prevention team is to reduce through educational puppetry, clowning and characterization, the loss of life, property and injuries caused by fire and or other emergency situations.

Fire investigations
example of scene tape that says "fire line do not cross"
After a fire, the Brenham Fire Marshal's office and its team of specially trained investigators are called to the scene to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

The Brenham Fire Marshal's office has both arson and fire investigators. Arson investigators are commissioned peace officers and conduct fire investigations into both criminal and non-criminal fire causes.

Fire Safety Education
How to use a Fire Extinguisher - PASS - Pull the pin in the handle - Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire - Squeeze the lever slowly - Swing from side to side
The public education section of the Brenham Fire Marshal's office develops and directs a variety of public education programs to teach Brenham citizens about fire safety.

Classes are designed and targeted for audiences including young children, senior citizens, employees in hazardous occupancies, or any other group that is wanting to learn about fire safety.
Some classes include:

  • How to operate a fire extinguisher
  • Emergency preparedness

The Brenham Fire Department's members also participate by giving engine and station tours as well as attending parades, special events, water days, and community programs throughout the year. We believe that everyone in the Brenham Fire Department is involved in fire safety education.