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Henderson Park

PARK Central: 979-337-7250 | Rainout Line: 979-337-7233 | Office: 1800 E. Tom Green St., Brenham, TX 77833

Henderson Park - 804 Old N. Market Street


Park Features:


Henderson Park is located just blocks away from Downtown Brenham across the street from Fireman's Park. This 22 acre Park has played a significant role in Brenham history and is also a part of our 2-mile Hike n' Bike Trail. The kitchen, as well as the fields at Henderson Park, can be rented for parties, events, and tournaments by calling the City of Brenham at (979) 337-7250; view our kitchen rental policies and athletic field information for terms and conditions as well as prices for reserving our facilities.

Henderson Park enjoys a prominent status in the community for the events held prior to and following desegregation. The site for Henderson Park was originally called "North End Park" and later renamed in honor of Mr. Ed "Daddy Ed" Henderson, a long-time resident of Brenham. Learn more about Henderson Park History



Henderson Park Kitchen

Rental Availability - Deposit $100 | Half day $75 | Full day $150

Vietnam Fighter Jet Memorial

In October 2018, The Washington County Veterans Association (WCVA) installed the F-111A Fighter Jet shown above. This aircraft serves as a memorial to the ten men who sacrificed their lives so that their comrades could finally return home to their families. It also serves as a reminder that freedom is not free, but is paid for by the sacrifices of our servicemen and women who willingly stand between us and those who would do us harm.

The memorial was paid for by a fundraising campaign by the WCVA.
Additional details about the F-111A fighter jet can be found at the National Museum of the US Air Force.

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Park History

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Henderson Park is located at 804 Old N. Market Street. Originally named North End Park, this location has a vibrant and illustrious history in Brenham. The story of North End Park and its transformation into Henderson Park is integral to understanding the Black community in Brenham during the heart of the Jim Crow Era around the turn of the century and to knowing Mr. Ed "Daddy Ed" Henderson, who was an entrepreneur and an avid supporter of his community. Managing several local cafés, he loved to entertain and wanted a place to host grand events and a sports field where Blacks could play safely. Henderson allotted parts of his corn, cotton, and pecan tree fields to create a park that became the "go-to" place. The park hosted many significant events, including baseball games, football games, Juneteenth Celebrations, the Colored Fair, dances, music concerts, training sessions, bond drives during the war, and annual field days for schools. Mr. Henderson's vision and legacy were inclusivity.

Since the 1880s, Emancipation Celebrations were held in Brenham with North End Park as the leading area to congregate for these activities, renamed Juneteenth Celebrations. By the 1920s, Juneteenth Celebrations were an annual event coordinated by the Laboring Men's Club and later the Businessman's Club. The Celebrations would be preceded by a parade showcasing an elected Goddess of Liberty, later renamed Queen of Springtime, through the business district with colorful floats and bands arriving at the park grounds for baseball games, BBQ dinners, sometimes a carnival, and always a band with dances. 

Musical events were a big hit at the park, with a long string of performances appearing at North End Park. Along with such notable performers as B.B. King and his guitar Lucile, Joe Turner, Little Richard, Don Albert and his Fourteen Pals, one of the greatest orchestras in America, and many other headliners were there. 

Baseball games were another huge draw. In 1934 the North End Park hosted two days of the Negro World Series, played between the Austin Black Senators and Van Dyke's House of David Team from Sioux City, Iowa. 

Henderson Park amenities are booked for family reunions, birthday parties, school trips, sports tournaments, and Little League practices. The splash pad is open from April 1 to September 30 and draws thousands of residents and visitors each year.

Park History Timeline

  • 1880s  - Emancipation Celebrations, e.g., Juneteenth, baseball and football games, boxing 
    matches, and concerts
  • 1930 - Colored County Fair - parade, rodeo and carnival, ball games, bands, and dances
  • 1934 - North End Park hosted two-day of the Negro World Series - Austin Black 
    Senators and Van Dyke’s House of David team from Sioux City, Iowa
  • 1937 - Ed Henderson's Club House burned down and subsequently rebuilt
  • 1950 - Ed Henderson deeded North End Park to the City of Brenham, known today as 
    Henderson Park
  • 1951 - Pickard High School Wins State Football Championship
  • 1962 - Pickard High School State Baseball Championships in 1962, 1963, 1966 - Pickard 
    High School played on Henderson Field
  • 1970 - Received grant funding through Texas Parks & Wildlife Local Park Program for 
    CITY PARKS IMPROVEMENTS to Henderson and Fireman's Parks for $141,563.08
  • 1993 - City acquired additional 5.195 acres to add softball fields
  • 1994 - Formal Dedication of Henderson Park in memory of Ed Henderson - 
    memorialized with a plaque which sits at the entrance to Henderson Park; 
    Tommelson Creek Iron Bridge moved to Higgins Creek, Henderson Park, for a 
    pedestrian crossing 
  • 1995 - Fink and Korthauer softball fields constructed
  • 2003 - 2.84-mile Hike n' Bike trail constructed
  • 2015 - City Council adopted the 2015-2025 Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Master 
    Plan. The number one priority under park development goals was to evaluate 
    Henderson Park usage and better utilize the site to meet surrounding area needs
  • 2017 - Hosted Special Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting at Henderson Park 
    to discuss park revitalization initiative
  • 2018 - Phase I Improvements funded by the Brenham Community Development 
    Corporation (BCDC) included: new playscape added near the kitchen, swing set, 
    park connectivity, BBQ pit, sidewalks, and lighting
    October 2018 Refurbished F-111A Fighter Jet Memorial add in Henderson Park
  • 2019 - Phase II Improvements funded by BCDC included: conversion of Henderson Field 
    from softball to 60/90 baseball, restroom upgrades, and bleacher seating
  • 2020 - Brenham's first splash pad opened to the public

Lone Star Legacy

The Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS) honored the City of Brenham’s Henderson Park with the Lone Star Legacy Park designation at the TRAPS Annual Institute on Wednesday, February 16, in College Station, Texas. A Lone Star Legacy Park is a park that holds special prominence in the local community and the state of Texas. Legacy Parks must be at least 50 years old, designated as a public park, and meet at least one of the following:

  • The property represents distinctive design and/or construction
  • The park is associated with historical events or sites
  • The park is associated with events specific to the local community/state
  • The park is home to unique natural features

Three parks in Texas received the honor in the eleventh year of the program including Givens District Park, Austin; Henderson Park, Brenham; Hermann Square, Houston.  Over the past eleven years, 65 parks have been designated as Lone Star Legacy Parks.  These parks have endured the test of time and have become iconic to those who have visited, played, and rested on their grounds. A designation as a Lone Star Legacy Park is one of the highest honors bestowed on a park.

View our Lone Star Legacy Application - pdf

African American Communities and Settlements in Brenham after the Civil War

  • Baptist Hill
    Located to the northeast end of Camptown and bordering Post Oak Addition to the west.
    Landmarks: n/a
  • Camptown
    The first AA neighborhood settlement. Located in the lower East side of Brenham. The site where federal troops had camped during the Reconstruction period. Troops provided badly needed assistance and Safety for the newly freed people. Soldiers' dining hall was used for Worship services in the community.
    Landmarks: Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church, St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church, Camptown Cemetery, Jerry Wilson Park (formerly) Pickard HS, Early Learning Childhood Center (formerly Alton Elementary)
  • (Cross) Hog Branch
    Located across what is now Blue Bell Rd. just beyond the eastern limits of Brenham.
    Landmarks: Rocky Chapel Church, Hog Branch/Walker Cemetery
  • Post Oak
    Located in the northeastern end of town.
    Landmarks: Post Oak Missionary Baptist Church, Porter's College (aka. Brenham Industrial and Normal School, Mt. Olive Campus)
  • Tappan Lake
    Located in somewhat the center of town.
    Landmarks: Henderson Park
  • Silver Hill
    Located in the area currently between Chappell Hill Street and the railroad tracks
    Landmarks: (nearby) National Guard Armory,
  • Watrousville
    Located on the upper west side of town and is now mostly comprised of Blinn Jr College.
    Landmarks: Blinn, Mt. Seriah Baptist Church, Mt. Zion Methodist Church, HIC Cemetery, Willow Grove Cemetery
  • Wilkins Addition
    Located in the northwest section of town. landmarks: New Hope
    Missionary Baptist Church, Hattie Mae Flowers Park

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