May 16 Storm Debris Pick Up
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Emergency Number: 9-1-1
Phone: 979-337-7337 | Fax: 979-337-7342 | Non-Emergency 24-hour Dispatch: 979-277-7373
Address: 1800 Longwood Dr., PO Box 1059, Brenham, TX 77833 | Online Feedback Survey

Police Administration

Interim Chief of Police - Lloyd Powell
Chief of Staff Christi Korth
Chief of Staff/Public Information Officer - Christi Korth
Brandy 04.01.24-small
Police Investigations Administrative Assistant - Brandy Testa
Tommie J. 04.01.24-small
Police Patrol Administrative Assistant - Tommie Juarez

Administrative Services Division

Uniformed Services

Consists of an administrative lieutenant, two administrative sergeants, and a community resource officer.

Administrative Lieutenant Schoen
Administrative Lieutenant - Curtiss Schoen
Administrative Sergeant Eilert
Administrative Sergeant - Steven Eilert
Texas Best Practices Manager, Training/STEP/LESO Coordinator, Grant Manager

Criminal Investigation

Consists of a sergeant and 4 detectives and is supervised by the Administrative Division Lieutenant. This division is responsible for the investigation and/or follow-up investigation of offenses reported to the Brenham Police Department. Criminal Investigations also works with local businesses to develop strategies to reduce robbery, burglary, forgery, and theft.

Sergeant Seth Klehm
Criminal investigation Sergeant - Seth Klehm

Crime Reduction Unit Narcotics Investigation

CRU-Narcotics Investigation targets narcotics and habitual offenders and consists of a sergeant and 2 detectives.

Property and Evidence Technician Jean Luera
Property and Evidence Technician - Jean Luera
IT Public Safety Administrator Pam Ruemke
IT Public Safety Administrator - Pam Ruemke

Operational Division

Uniformed Services

Consists of an Operations Captain, an Operations Lieutenant, 4 Patrol Sergeants, 16 Patrol Officers, 1 School Resource Officer Sergeant, and 3 School Resource Officers. Uniformed Services is supervised by the Operations Division Captain and Lieutenant.

Operations Lieutenant Kelvin Raven
Operations Lieutenant - Kelvin Raven

Emergency Response Team

Consists of a combination of departmental membership that receives constant training in tactical situations. This team is overseen by Sgt. Klehm.

Police Staff Photos by: Scott Hill - Brenham Portrait Gallery