May 16 Storm Debris Pick Up
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Facility/Fleet Maintenance

Stephen Draehn - Superintendent - Office: 979-337-7541

The Maintenance Department consists of Facility and Vehicle Maintenance services. The department is responsible for both preventative and routine maintenance and repairs on all City buildings, vehicles, and equipment. Typical building maintenance includes upkeep of a/c, heating, HVAC remote operations, electrical, and plumbing services and repairs. The Maintenance department also performs various building remodel and new construction projects. Vehicle maintenance consists of scheduling and carrying out both preventative and repair maintenance. In addition, the department assists with the setup of various downtown events. Maintenance is also responsible for all city lighting including streets, ball field lighting and Christmas lighting downtown. The Maintenance Department also oversees the upkeep of additional city facilities, including the Airport, the Brenham Fire Museums, the Boys & Girls Club, City hall, Library and the Police Department.