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Hotel Occupancy Tax

This page is still being created. Check back for updated details later this month.


  • The City of Brenham began using MUNIRevs/GovOS, a paperless, online system for the reporting and payment of hotel occupancy taxes in 2021.
  • The Tourism Advisory Board, organized in 2021, replaced the Hotel Occupancy Tax Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my rental platform (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) pay City of Brenham taxes for  hosts?

Is the levying of local Hotel Occupancy Tax against Texas law?

Is payment of local Hotel Occupancy Tax to the City of Brenham optional?

I am already paying state occupancy tax and income tax on my earnings. How  can I compete with hotels?

How much Hotel Occupancy Tax do I collect?

When is Hotel Occupancy Tax due?

How do I pay?

What if I have a month with no guests?

Do I have to pay occupancy tax for long-term tenants?

How are hotel occupancy taxes used?

Who do I contact with questions?