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Special Event Permits

Special Event Information

The City of Brenham recognizes the significant community benefits that result from special events and the need to ensure these events' safe and efficient operation. These events provide family activities, cultural enrichment, economic vitality, and community pride.

The City's Public Works Department oversees Special Event permitting.

  • Contact: JoAnne Hynes, Recreation Specialist
  • Office: 979-337-7428

A special event permit is required to hold events such as:

  • Festivals, parades, fun runs (e.g., 5 K's on public right-of-way [City Streets])
  • Any event that requires closing a public street (including residential streets)
  • Outdoor public events on public-owned properties

All applications are reviewed by the Special Events Committee, a group of members from various City departments. Applications should be submitted at least 60-days before the event.

According to the City of Brenham’s Noise Nuisance Ordinance 17-8, it is not permissible to use amplification equipment to create noise that is plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet. If you want to use amplified sound for an event, you must first obtain a Noise Permit, which is a temporary exemption to this ordinance. Please note this applies even to events that are on private property if the noise travels outside your property line.

Special Event Application