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City of Brenham Stands with Community

June 18, 2020

On behalf of Mayor Milton Tate and the Brenham City Council:

The City of Brenham stands with our community, our State and Nation in condemning incidents of violence and clearly declares that racism has no place in our community or society. We are committed to ensure that everyone is treated fairly within our community and that compassion, kindness, understanding, professionalism, and a servant’s heart are at the foundation of the City’s service to the community. The City staff, including Brenham Police Department, is expected to provide exceptional service to our community that includes community engagement and assistance, reliable and dependable service, accountability, respect, transparency, and integrity. If we fall short, please let us know and we will take the appropriate steps for correction. Brenham is a diverse community made up of individuals and families who have supported each other throughout many challenges such as natural disasters, business interruptions and the current COVID-19 pandemic. This support has ranged from volunteerism, providing meals for school children and seniors, patronizing our local businesses, and helping our youth succeed in school.

The past few weeks have been challenging for our nation and our community is not immune to the concerns expressed by so many. The Mayor, City Council and City Staff strive each day to provide an environment that respects the dignity of all community members/guests and values every human being with no tolerance for hatred, injustice, or racism. We have seen peaceful protests within our community that highlight that there still is work to be done within our community and nation. These peaceful protests also show the strength of our community that even with differences, we can come together and have respectful and productive discussions about our concerns. We know that action is the only way to truly effect change, and we are committed to helping be part of the solution.

Our City Manager and Police Chief are working together to ensure that the Brenham Police Department continues to provide professional law enforcement services that are of the highest quality, fairly implemented and that guarantee the Constitutional Rights of all individuals will be respected and protected. Since December 2012, the Brenham Police Department, has been recognized as a Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Recognition Program Member after fulfilling the necessary qualifications and meeting all the rigorous requirements mandated by the Texas Police Chiefs Association. The Brenham Police Department is made up of many outstanding men and women who serve alongside other municipal employees providing exceptional service to our community. A complete review of their standard operating procedure is conducted annually to ensure that the procedures utilized by the Brenham Police Department Officers are known, understood, and applied in their duties. Officers are held accountable for their actions or inactions. Our Officers have a difficult job that they perform very well on a regular basis and they strive to get it right every time. We are fortunate to have a Police Department that is vested in our community by living here, shopping here, involved in community organizations and raising their families in local schools (some are even graduates of BISD).

Brenham is blessed to have community leaders who work together to solve our community challenges that provide opportunities for everyone to excel and who have high integrity with a strong moral compass to establish a solid foundation of public service. We are honored with the trust that has been given to us and we are committed to serve everyone.

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