May 16 Storm Debris Pick Up
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Permit Fees Waived for Storm Damage and Streamline Inspection Process

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The City of Brenham, Development Services Department acknowledges that many Brenham residents and property owners have experienced damage from the winter storm. As a result, the department is taking additional steps to ensure that customers experience the quickest and efficient process available during these difficult times.

Firstly, the City of Brenham will waive all permit fees for repairs related to storm damage. This includes plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and general building permit fees for damage incurred from the storm. Permits for in-kind or like-for-like replacement will be automatically issued by the Development Services office and can be issued at City Hall Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at 200 W Vulcan Street. For additional information contact Sarah Hill at 979-337-7220.

Additionally, to streamline the inspection process, contractors may email photos of the repairs to the building department for review and to satisfy the inspection process. All photos of work to be inspected should include the following:

  • permit number
  • property address
  • contact information for the contractor or homeowner who completed the work

For additional information, please contact Allen Jacobs, Building Official, at 979-337-7214.

Most reported damages are related to burst and broken pipes from the harsh temperatures. Attached is a contact list of licensed plumbers and irrigators who are registered with the City of Brenham and have recently pulled permits with the City.

List of Registered Plumbers

Name Business Phone
JR Vasquez  Al Plumbing & Repair  979-830-1877
Jason Rees  Compass Plumbing  979-481-1727
Donnie Johnson  Custom Plumbing  979-251-4224
Danny Dahlquist  Dahlquist Plumbing Co  979-830-3815
Austin Taylor  Dynamic Drains  979-530-5256
Rheman Halbison  Halbison Plumbing  281-391-7600
Walt Edmunds  Plumb Level  979-277-9993
James Sanford  Sanford Plumbing  281-330-8143
David Stegent  Stegent Thielmann Plumbing  979-836-9386
Timothy Bailey  Tim Bailey Plumbing  979-204-9800
Aaron Roshto  Texas Plumbing SoIutions  979-251-7744
Edgar Martinez  Weider Plumbing  832-814-1053
Rodney Wittner  Wittner Plumbing  979-836-3700
Irrigators for Lawn Irrigation Work Only
Multiple Irrigators Glasco Irrigation 979-836-7036
 Oscar Aguilar  Sunburst Irrigation 979-836-2458
 Timothy Wilson  Texana Lawn & Landscape 979-551-0214
 Lucas Stroech  Washington County Landscapes 979-451-0129

Please note, this list is in alphabetical order and is not a reference list or a comprehensive list of all licensed professionals in the area. It is simply an attempt to provide property owners with a list of already registered contractors for those seeking a licensed plumber or irrigator.

All contractors pulling permits with the City of Brenham are required to register and provide a copy of their license information and liability insurance. There is no cost to register. Click here for the City of Brenham Contractor registration form.

If property owners have questions whether a permit for a repair is required, they are welcome to contact the Development Services office at 979-337-7220. Plumbing repairs generally require permits, apart from replacing existing fixtures like toilets or faucets. Please contact Stephanie Doland at 979-337-7269 for additional information or questions related to this press release.