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Final Residential Assessment Released  by Brenham | Washington County Economic Development

Brenham | Washington County Economic Development began working with Houston-based, Community Development Strategies (CDS) in compiling a Residential Needs Assessment in the summer of 2021. The final results of this study, “Brenham CDS ResIntel Housing Study 2021,” is now available for review at:

Susan Cates, Director of Economic Development states, “The results of this study are not a surprise for those living and working in Brenham, but the ResIntel analysis gives us a place to start to meet the needs of our local workforce.” She continued, “2021 development statistics show the development community is already responding to the need for additional housing units in Brenham, and we are encouraged this report will assist these developers in tailoring their products to the type of housing in greatest demand.”

The study contains the most recent research, analysis, and findings related to the housing market in Brenham and Washington County. Specialists from CDS evaluated the community’s economic trends, demographics, residents, workforce, and current housing inventory. Residents participated in the Workforce Housing Survey, released in July, to identify housing needs for those employed in Washington County.

The results from the study will assist Brenham’s public agencies and the housing development industry to better understand the community’s present housing situation and encourage development of new housing choices for the community and its workforce.