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School Safety & Security Reminders & Updates

By: Brenham ISD & Brenham Police Department

With the first day of school approaching, on August 17, 2022, the Brenham ISD and the Brenham Police Department would like to remind and inform the community of school safety measures.

“Flashing” School Zone Speed Sign and  Marked School Zone Speed Sign

For the “flashing” speed signs, the time frame is only in effect when the yellow lights are flashing.  For the signs that do not emit the yellow flashing light, the signs proximately display the appropriate times for speed reduction when the area is considered an active school zone. Please be mindful of the times and speed displayed for each school zone area to ensure the safety of our kids!

Please be advised that by State Law, cell phone use in a designated school zone is prohibited and can be punishable with a fine of up to $200. Reference Texas Transportation Code - TRANSP § 545.425.

School Bus Safety

In the infographic below you will see when it is and is not safe to pass a loading or unloading school bus. If a school bus is displaying its red flashing lights and stop sign, you must stop. If it is displaying its yellow flashing lights, proceed slowly with caution.


Per the Texas Transportation Code - TRANSP § 545.066. Passing a School Bus; Offense:  (c) An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $500 or more than $1,250 and can be enhanced.

Safety and Security Updates

School Safety is seen as a layered approach, beginning from outside the school building and moving into each classroom. Throughout the summer BISD has identified and is working with local contractors to install perimeter fencing in identified areas. Our next layer of security comes with our exterior doors. We are working to ensure the doors, door closers, locks, and handles on all of the exterior doors are functioning properly and meet current safety specifications. Inside the building, we are auditing all interior classroom doors to ensure they are functioning properly. We are working towards replacing outdated door handles and locks with ones that will meet current safety standards and remain locked from the outside to keep our staff and students safely inside throughout the education day. We have increased the number of SRO’s that will be on our campuses. Two SRO’s will be housed at BHS, one at BJHS, and one at BMS. We have hired a fifth SRO to serve as an SRO supervisor. This officer will rotate among the campuses throughout each day, checking doors, building relationships with students and staff, and helping to identify areas in need of improvement. BISD, in partnership with Brenham Police Department, has committed to having an off-duty Texas Peace Officer present at each of our campuses during the instructional day. Additionally, BISD has hired a Director of Safety and Security who is not only a TEA licensed school administrator but is also a fully commissioned and certified Texas Master Peace Officer.  As such, he will be armed and present on all BISD campuses daily.  Our final layer of defense comes with the staff and students being trained and practicing the safety protocols associated with each of our potential emergency situations. If they are faced with a situation, they will know how to respond.

School safety is a continuous process and will never have an ending. BISD in partnership with our parents and community will continuously work to maintain a safe learning environment for the students and staff of Brenham ISD.