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Charging your Electric Car in Brenham - New station installed

Posted 08-08-2019:

The City of Brenham installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station downtown across from City Hall at 200 W. Vulcan St.

The details an electric car owner needs to know about the downtown charging station in the Vulcan Street lot (across from City Hall at 200 W. Vulcan):

  • IT’S FREE!
  • It’s an EVSE-RS dual pedestal system with a standard SAE J1772 connect.
  • It charges all SAE J1772-compliant vehicles, including both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles with a 25 ft cable, Level 2, 32-amp.
  • Find all the electric car chargers in Washington County on PlugShare.com and ChargeHub.com

Full Article at Visitbrenhamtexas.com

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