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City Government, Private Businesses, and Free Speech

Update 2/10/2023: City Council members do not vote on matters and events held at private businesses.

Original Post 1/24/2023: In recent weeks, the City of Brenham has received numerous calls regarding upcoming events at local businesses. The City has and will continue to uphold all laws and rights according to the Constitution of the United States and any other governance protecting our citizens and community. The City does not have the general authority to regulate events held by private businesses and/or organizations unless laws or ordinances are violated, citizens are placed in harm’s way, or other public health and safety reasons authorize action by the City.

City Manager Carolyn Miller states, “We understand and hear the concerns of the community. We believe in and have a duty to uphold the freedoms protected by the United States Constitution for all people and private businesses, even when there is disagreement about the way these freedoms are legally exercised.”

The City will continue to uphold the law, protect our citizens as authorized by law, and operate at the highest level of service for our community.